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Your workouts are likely missing these 4 things (and it may be contributing to pain and dysfunction) fitness injury prevention prehab Jul 13, 2024

Part of my evaluation process when working with new physical therapy patients is to take a look at their workout program. Essentially, I am looking...

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Improve SHOULDER PERFORMANCE by prioritizing these 2 things injury prevention mobility shoulder shouldermobility shoulderstrength Apr 07, 2024

Whether you are dealing with pesky shoulder problems that flare up every so often, loss of range of motion, or you are just looking to keep your...

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Why you should train your FEET (and how to get started!) daily mobility feet healthy living injury prevention physical therapy Mar 02, 2024

Most people that come to see me for injuries or performance deficits  have severely undertrained feet. What this looks like is weak arches,...

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FREE ONLINE KINSTRETCH Class for Hips and Low Back daily mobility hip mobility hips injury prevention joint cars joint health kinstretch mobility Feb 06, 2024

Have you been wondering if online Kinstretch classes are for you?

Find out for yourself and try this sample class from my online Kinstretch...

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Setting up a OFFICE & DESK SPACE that will keep your joints happy daily habits daily mobility ergonomic healthy living injury prevention joint health Oct 14, 2023

Fortunately, my job as a Physical Therapist has historically involved a ton of MOVEMENT. Constantly walking, moving, changing positions and working...

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What are PAILs and RAILs? injury prevention injury recovery joint health kinstretch mobility Apr 08, 2023

For those that have hung around my social media platforms and seen glimpses of either my own personal training or my Kinstretch classes, you have...

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What is Kinstretch...the training your joints are literally CRAVING hip mobility hips injury prevention joint health kinstretch mobility Mar 18, 2023

Kinstretch was created by Functional Range Systems (FRS) and is defined as:

"a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control,...

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The #1 thing you can do to keep your HIPS healthy hip mobility hips injury prevention joint health kinstretch mobility Jan 14, 2023

If I had a dollar for every person that came to see me for tightness, pain, or pinching in the hips, I would be sitting on my own private beach in...

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Don't let your neck become a weak link injury prevention injury recovery joint health mobility neckpain neckrehab physical therapy strength training Nov 26, 2022

Other than combat athletes, most people don't think about training that is dedicated to improving the strength and control of their neck. 


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How to Build Stronger and More Mobile Joints injury prevention joint health mobility physical therapy strength training Sep 05, 2022

Pattern Based versus Joint Specific Training

Most fitness programs are built upon pattern based training. Push, pull, hinge, squat patterns are...

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Joint CARs: The Daily Mobility Movement Your Joints Need daily habits injury prevention injury recovery joint health mobility Aug 16, 2022

Joints CARs stands for Controlled Articular Rotations and they are an exercise that I use often in daily practice, the rehab setting, as well as...

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Recovery mindset first responders injury prevention injury recovery mindset mobility physical therapy tactical athlete Feb 02, 2022

The optimal mindset to recover from or prevent injury, involves finding a harmonious balance between mental toughness and self-compassion

What does...

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Life requires movement daily habits injury prevention joint cars joint health Jan 15, 2022

"Life requires movement" -Aristotle

We sit in our car to commute to work. We sit most of the day at work. And when we come home, we sit on a couch...

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