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What is Kinstretch...the training your joints are literally CRAVING

hip mobility hips injury prevention joint health kinstretch mobility Mar 18, 2023

Kinstretch was created by Functional Range Systems (FRS) and is defined as:

"a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion" 

A Kinstretch class combines: 

  • Education: so you can learn about your body, its compensatory patterns, and areas of deficit
  • Joint Health: we train the deepest layers of the joint 
  • Preventative Rehabilitation: to train weak links before they become problematic/symptomatic
  • Motor Control: become more connected with your body and joints to improve athletic and physical performance
  • Flexibility: incorporate passive stretching to improve flexibility followed by active work to improve mobility
  • Strength: after we improve flexibility we do demanding work at end range to reinforce those movements and get you stronger and more capable

So what makes Kinstretch so effective?

Most 'mobility' programs only involve passive stretching, soft tissue mobilization techniques, and/or some quick dynamic movements. What this lacks is an adequate training stimulus to provide meaningful and lasting change to both our brains (which dictates mobility) and well as the tissues involved (muscle, tendon, ligament, joint capsule etc...)

Kinstretch will teach you how to to isolate training to a desired movement or joint, stretch in that range, and then start doing HARD active work so that range becomes usable range of motion. 

Here is a what a typical class may look like: 

  1. Warm-up with some low effort joint CARs to the parts of the body we will train in that class
  2. Discuss compensatory patterns and strategies to help you isolate our target movement(s)
  3.  Spend some time (usually a couple minutes) passively stretching into target movement
  4. Perform PAILs/RAILs  after stretching to send a message to the nervous system that we want to start using this new range of motion
  5. Finish with some joint strength training work that could involve a variety of techniques to include-advanced CARs, passive range holds, end range lift-off, isometric movement paths, or eccentrics

 Kinstretch gives your body more options for how it can move

We are very pattern based creatures in our modern day lives. We are indoctrinated with the idea of neutral spine, perfect squat form, shoulder blades down and back etc... But what happens when life asks you to move our of your typical patterns, is your body prepared? 

Kinstretch will supply your body and joints with the training opportunity to move in a variety of movements (more options for you). 

The key to prevention is through self-assessment and education

The ultimate goal for my Kinstretch classes is to help you gain a deeper understanding of your own body. We are constantly monitoring what you feel- whether that is closing angle joint pain, muscle stretch, compensation etc... Being aware of these sensations provides useful information as to how your body is currently moving and performing. 

When I teach classes whether that is in person or online, I offer the same information that I often give to physical therapy clients. The only difference is that in Kinstretch, I am often able to reach you PRIOR to injury or pain.  It is a beautiful thing when we can sort through joint dysfunction before it begins to negatively impact your activities. 

As you continue a Kinstretch practice you become skilled at identifying imbalances or deficits in your body which gives you the knowledge to start proactively taking care of yourself.  

My online Kinstretch program, Upgrade Your Jointswill give you all the tools and resources to start training proactively against unwanted pain and injury. The Kinstretch classes are follow along with cueing provided in real time so you can train confidently and know exactly what to focus on. Follow preset programs or pick and choose the classes you want to take and when you want to take them. 

I give you all the proactive training education and advice that I have learned over my 12 years in the health and fitness industry. My ultimate goal is to help you remove physical barriers and limitations to movement so that you can continue in your career, fitness journey, active lifestyle etc...with less risk for injury and pain.

Learn more about Upgrade Your Joints HERE. I look forward to helping your on your journey to move painfree!

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