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 Mobility. Joint Health. Preventative Rehab.

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 UPGRADE YOUR JOINTS is an online mobility membership developed by a Physical Therapist.


Our  virtual Kinstretch classes will help you improve joint strength and mobility allowing you to move better, exercise with less pain or restriction, and 'future- proof' your body. 



What our members are saying:

"The attention to detail in these classes is unmatched. I am in the medical field as well, yet continue to learn something new every time I log in. I like that the classes are follow along. I have previously done mobility programs sent on an app that just demos the movement and tells you how many reps. This feels more productive because she tells you what you should be feeling and how to modify. You also don't have to worry about counting reps, watching your timer etc... Just hit play and follow along. Highly recommend this program to all my friends and colleagues"

Jason M.


"I joined this program mainly to help overcome old knee and ankle soccer injuries. I ended up working on classes for my whole body. I wish I had been exposed to this information back in college and I feel like my body would have held up better. Moral of the story, you cannot go wrong with this. Jamie does a great job of explaining every movement and teaching you about how the body should move" 

Rachel N.


"My body doesn't love that I was in the military for over 20 years, but its likes me a little better after doing this mobility training for the past few months. I am in my early 40's but felt like I was 80. I am moving better, things feel better in the gym. I haven't thrown my back out now in months, I think from all the hip classes that I have focused on. I like that everything in the classes can be modified. My wife and I can do them together and do similar yet different versions." 

Dan T.

Hey I'm Jamie!

I am a Physical Therapist and life long lover of all things movement and exercise. 

As a former athlete, currently embracing moving into my 40's, I know what it's like to feel like injuries of the past are starting to catch up. Joints feel a little creakier, it takes a bit longer to loosen up first thing in the morning, and some of the activities you love to do, just hit the body a little harder than they used to. 

My passion is helping you discover a new type of training with Kinstretch that not only helps your joints feel like they've found the fountain of youth, but also helps you future proof your body against aches and pains down the road. 

Ultimately, I want to be able to wake up at 70 years-old and still hit the trails, paddleboard, and exercise. And I'm here to help you do the same!

More about my work

Let me guess...

You have been told that joint pain goes hand in hand with getting older.

Or you have accepted having to eliminate exercises, movements or activities because your body just can't withstand them anymore? 

Your mind still thinks you are a 20 year-old bad ass, but your joints would suggest otherwise.

While it is true that our bodies require more work and maintenance as we mature through life, it is also true that the body is highly adaptable. So regardless of what condition your body and joints are currently in, there is always opportunity for improvement. 

The solution, however, does not lie in simply avoiding activities you enjoy (despite what many doctors will tell you), taking ibuprofen on the regular (please stop doing this!), or googling generic stretches. You need a systematic approach to improve the integrity, health and function of your joints.


UPGRADE YOUR JOINTS was designed to help you develop fundamental mobility, strength, and control of your joints. We blend physical therapy rehab principles with Kinstretch training to bring you classes that not only educate you about your body, but help you target and train every joint from your neck all the way down to your toes.

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What to expect: 


  • Joint pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Movement compensations


  • Range of motion
  • Body awareness and control
  • Strength through greater range
  • Movement variety and options for exercise and everyday life


  • Joints
  • Muscles
  • Ranges of motion
  • Connective tissue


  • Joint health
  • Movement quality
  • Muscular imbalances

What is included:

New to Kinstretch? Try a sample class!

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 Mobility. Joint Health. Preventative Rehab.

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*Military, first responder, and healthcare worker discount available. Please email Jamie at [email protected]¬†

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